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Experience and mastery of the sea have placed Thalgo at the forefront of International Spa Therapy. Since its creation in 1968, Thalgo has become a worldwide recognized brand. Cosmetic research and formulation of Marine Algae and plant based cosmetics by Thalgo began in 1964. The Marine Algae powder, awarded both a medical and process patent, gave outstanding results in the treatment of conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, and skin disorders, and its success has inspired the Thalgo team to branch into the cosmetology field.

Thalgo treatments draw their richness and efficiency from the marine universe. Our scientific team have developed a unique know-how in harnessing the powerful riches of the sea for aesthetic use. The sea is the cradle of life on earth and constitutes an immense reservoir of substances that are only just beginning to be realized scientifically. Algae are the base of marine care. Their active potential is immense: for example, one alga contains a thousand times more iodine, one hundred times more calcium and ten times more magnesium and copper than a terrestrial plant.
Due to a unique patented manufacturing procedure the cells of the Thalgo marine algae are literally exploded to liberate their active ingredients.

In 1999, Jean Claude Sirop took over the direction of Thalgo with the ambition to make the brand the uncontested reference in the world of Marine Therapy. The research continued to herald the relaunch of the Thalgo brand; new algae's were discovered for their rebalancing, protecting, nourishing and anti-wrinkle properties.

Another innovation and award-winning product launched in early 2002 was Serum d'Exception, a unique serum incorporating a world premier ingredient "Natural Marine Algae Hormones". In tests, Serum d'Exception proved to preserve hyaluronic acid (moisture), stop the deterioration of the skin's structural support fibers, nourish the skin and re-energize the fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin.

Also launched in 2002 was the Impeccable Purity cleansing line using a unique new algae called Criste Marine.

To support these continuing developments and to improve service quality, Thalgo has expanded the production depot alongside the laboratory in Roquebrune, South of France. Our training school and Spa in Paris continues to achieve renowned status. Thalgo supplies to more than 85 countries.

Thalgo Australia goes from strength to strength with the expansion of the Spa industry. Our clients include many prestigious Spas and Beauty Salons. Our support includes training, business development, advertising campaigns, PR, and promotions.

Thalgo offers a comprehensive range of professional salon treatments for face, body, aroma-psychology, hydrotherapy, sun care and post-depilatory.

Thalgo is only recommended by professional Beauty Therapists and is not tested on animals.

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Facial Treatment


Lilianís Custom Facial

†††† Facial is tailored to clientís needs

†††† a) hydration, b) sensitive, c) oily combo

75 min - $60

Thalgodermyl Anti-Acne

†††† For problem Acne Skin. This treatment can be adapted

†††† to treat affected areas such as back and shoulders.

75 min - from $60

Thalgogive Anti-Agin Facial

75 min - from $75

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